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  • Stop Wage Garnishments!

    Stop Wage Garnishments!

    Has the IRS seized any bank accounts or garnished your wages?

  • Release Bank Levies

    Release Bank Levies

    Have you received a Notice and Demand, Notice of Intent to Levy, or Notice of a right to a Collection Due Process Hearing?

  • Lien Release

    Lien Release

    Have you received a federal or state tax lien on your real estate and or personal property?

  • Unfiled Taxes

    Unfiled Taxes

    Have you missed filing your taxes and now owe back taxes?

  • Offer In Compromise

    Offer In Compromise

    Do you need help negotiating an agreement with the IRS for an amount less than the total owed?

  • IRS Notices and Audits

    IRS Notices and Audits

    Have you received an IRS notice or is the IRS auditing you?

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The commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Douglas Shulman, told C-SPAN on Sunday that he uses a tax preparer to do his federal income tax return because he finds the tax code too complex to handle the job himself.

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They reduced my liability by over $31,000 just by amending bad tax work.
Kevin T.
Kevin T.
These people saved me from 1.4 million in payroll tax liabilities through appeal.
Elena R.
Elena R.
IRS had been keeping my refunds for years, until I met these people.
Melissa J
Melissa J

“Tax Code Hits Nearly 4 Million Words, Taxpayer Advocate Calls It Too Complicated.”


“Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is Income Taxes.”

Albert Einstein

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